Colorful Costumes and Beautifu

- Song-Ming Costumes and Accessories Exhibition

Venue:Chongsheng Hall in the Nanjing

This exhibition, with an exhibition area of over 300 square meters, showcases selected Song-Ming costumes and accessories collected by the Nanjing Municipal Museum. The gorgeous, comfortable silk garments and the exquisite, dazzling gold and jade jewelry have shown visitors the images, dresses, accessories, and life customs of people living in the Song and Ming dynasties. It can be called a visual feast of colorful costumes and beautiful hairpins that would transport visitors back to the Song and Ming dynasties. The exhibition, divided into four parts--“Fragrant Silk Garments: Song Dynasty Costumes”, “Phoenix Hairpins: Song Dynasty Jewelry”, “Silk Clothing: Ming Dynasty Costumes”, and “Eight-treasure Accessories: Ming Dynasty Jewelry”--displays over 100 Song-Ming costumes and accessories unearthed in Nanjing. Most of the silk garments are on display for the first time. Considering the special nature of silk relics, Nanjing Municipal Museum especially ordered customized showcases from Britain and introduced advanced lighting equipment from Italy. Computers are used to monitor and control the environment within the showcases to ensure the safety of the cultural objects and present the best display effect.

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