Yutang Jiaqi

-Exhibition of Selected Collections

Venue:3F, the new exhibition area in the Nanji

Covering an area of nearly 800 square meters, this exhibition showcases some 30 selected collections of the Nanjing Municipal Museum, including the national treasure “Blue-and-white Prunus Vase with the Design of Xiao He Chasing after Han Xin under Moonlight”. They are all typical relics of various historical periods that have the most historical and ornamental values. With an interior decoration style like that of ancient architectures in the Jiangnan region, the exhibition hall is divided into 11 small separate rooms, halls or pavilions, in which one exhibit or a group of exhibits are placed, including the “Jijin Pavilion” (Ancient Utensil Pavilion) for displaying bronze wares, the “Buddhist Scriptures-chanting Platform” dedicated to Buddhist cultural objects, the “Zanying Pavilion” (Headwear Pavilion) for exhibiting cultural objects used by the noble, and the “Huyin Retreat” (Pot Retreat) for displaying China’s zisha teapots. These individual exhibition rooms are connected using traditional Chinese garden techniques, such as leak-through scenery, borrowed scenery, and opposite scenery, and traditional Chinese interior decoration methods, such as long corridors, cartouches, and traceries. The brick-carving door frames, golden brick floor, moon gates, hexagonal windows, carved partition boards, etc., are all in harmony with the pattern, form, size, and tone of the entire exhibition hall. The antique flavor of the exhibition has helped set off the exquisite quality of the exhibits. All the exhibition appliances are free of any modern features. The showcases have the elements of Ming-style furniture with simple lines and unsophisticated forms. Props that have an imitating mahogany base with carved designs are customized to suit the exhibits. Display panels are in the form of hanging screens of the late Qing dynasty. The exhibition appliances and the exhibition are consistent in terms of their unique style. Tables, stools, chairs, cabinet frames, and incense altars are arranged in the right place in the exhibition rooms to give an appropriate atmosphere whilst allowing the visitors to have a rest. A multimedia inquiry system is available in an antique room on one side of the exhibition hall, so that visitors can appreciate works of art in a quiet environment. In 2011, the exhibition won the 2nd Jiangsu Boutique Exhibition Award for Best Ideas.

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