Description of Nanjing Museum Administration

Nanjing Museum Administration (hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”) includes nine municipal cultural relics and museum institutions--Nanjing Municipal Museum, Historical Museum of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Meiyuan Xincun Memorial of the Delegation of Chinese Communist Party, Nanjing Folklore Museum, Victory Memorial of Crossing the Yangtze River Campaign, Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum, The Oriental Metropolitan Museum/The 3rd-6th Century, Nanjing Research Institute of Archaeology, and Nanjing Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Preservation. Committed to integrating historical and cultural resources and serving social development, the Administration has become an important part of Nanjing’s public cultural service system. Since its establishment, the Administration, in accordance with the principle of “mechanism innovation, personnel exchange, resource sharing, and mutually beneficial cooperation”, has given full play to the role of municipal cultural relics and museum institutions and their collections, made innovations, and achieved an integrated management of collections, personnel, and services of its various branches. A unified, standardized museum management and service system has gradually formed in the city for relic collections, exhibitions, academic research, social services, and the development of cultural and creative products. This has promoted the rapid, healthy, and sustainable development of Nanjing’s cultural relics and museum cause.