There are such a group of people from different industries and different areas. They come together because of their common pursuits. Among them, there are the elder who are advanced in age and the young who are full of vitality. But they have a common name: volunteer. They are not paid or specially treated. But still you can see them everywhere. The desire for knowledge and the love for culture let our volunteers communicate with each other and learn from each other. They organize trainings and seminars to spread professional knowledge. They visit all kinds of popular science venues. The colorful volunteer activities have not only increased our volunteers’ knowledge reserves, but also allowed them to care about each other. They get along very well like a big family. It is exactly because of these factors that our team of volunteers is growing bigger and bigger, and we become more convinced in volunteerism.



Historical Museum of Taiping Heavenly KingdomVolunteer Recruitment
Meiyuan Xincun Memorial Hall of the Delegation of the Communist Party of ChinaVolunteer Recruitment
Nanjing Folk Museum (Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum)Volunteer Recruitment
Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing MuseumVolunteer Recruitment
Nanjing Municipal Institute for the Preservation of Cultural HeritageVolunteer Recruitment