Business Department


      Business Department


           Guide and coordinate the collection, preservation, research, and display of movable cultural relics. Guide and coordinate exhibitions, social education, themed activities, and other related work.

1、Collection and Research Section

Guide and coordinate branches’ work in collecting, identifying, and studying cultural objects, specimens, scientific and technological achievements, contemporary works of art, and intangible cultural heritage. Guide and coordinate branches’ work in publishing books and holding academic activities. Make plans for major compiling, research, publishing, and academic activities.

2、Cultural Relics Preservation Section
Guide and coordinate cultural relics preservation and repair according to the Administration-branch cooperation mechanism. Coordinate the protection and research of the Administration’s movable cultural relics, as well as the construction of a digital management platform for these movable cultural relics. Manage the electronic general ledger for the Administration’s cultural relics. Coordinate the daily management of cultural relics in various warehouses of the Administration.

3、Cooperation and Exchange Section

Guide and coordinate the exhibition-related work according to the Administration-branch cooperation mechanism (including exhibition upgrading). Make plans for important temporary exhibitions, domestic and international exhibition exchanges, and foreign cooperation and exchange activities.

4、Social Education Section

Guide and coordinate the social education work and various themed activities of the Administration and its branches. Make plans for major social education activities.