Meiyuan Style

-KMT-CPC Nanjing Talks Historical Records Exhibition

Venue:KMT-CPC Nanjing Talks Historical Records

The KMT-CPC Nanjing Talks Historical Records Exhibition is on the first and second floors of the Exhibition Hall, with a showcasing area of 1,200 square meters. The exhibition, divided into two parts--“Meiyuan Story” and “Meiyuan Style”--shows the history of peace talks in Nanjing between KMT government and the CPC delegation headed by Zhou Enlai from May 1946 to March 1947. The KMT-CPC Nanjing Talks was the continuation of the Chongqing Talks between the two parties. During the Chongqing Talks, KMT and CPC signed Double Tenth Agreement, Political Consultative Agreement, Armistice Agreement, and Troop-reorganizing Scheme. During the Nanjing Talks, KMT and CPC engaged in a tit-for-tat dispute over whether the two parties should continue to observe these agreements. Taking advantage of the peace talks, the KMT government first mobilized troops to attack CPC troops outside the Shanhai Pass, and then heavily besieged CPC’s Central Plains (zhongyuan) Liberated Area and captured Zhangjiakou, thus starting the civil war. Eventually, the KMT-rigged “National Assembly” completely closed the door to peace talks. The exhibition displays over 200 cultural objects, documents, and photos. These exhibits, coupled with scene restoration, models, oil paintings, multimedia audio-visual materials and other modern means, present the undaunted, persistent, and selfless spirit of the CPC delegation in fighting for true peace and democracy.

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