Earth-shaking Changes

-Victory of Crossing the Yangtze River Campaign Exhibition

Venue:Exhibition hall at the Victory Memorial

This exhibition, with more than 500 historical photos, more than 400 precious pictures of cultural relics, eight historical scenes, and dozens of historical paintings and videos, displays vividly and in detail the glorious history and great achievements of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in winning the campaign of crossing the Yangtze River. The exhibition is comprised of four parts--“A Heavy Storm in Brewing”, “Earth-shaking Changes”, “Law of the Human World”, and “Victory City”. With the campaign of crossing the Yangtze River as the thread that connects the four parts, the whole exhibition is like a spectacular scroll and an epic historical symphony. The symphony begins with the victory of the three major campaigns and the advance of millions of mighty PLA troops towards the Yangtze River. It is followed by the crossing of the river, the liberation of Nanjing, and the destruction of the Chiang dynasty. Finally, the symphony concludes with the founding of the new China, and Nanjing becoming the “Victory City”. At the end of the “symphony”, a list of the names of PLA soldiers who died in the campaign is played as a reminder that we should remember those revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of a new China, so that we would cherish the peaceful and happy life of today all the more. After being processed and refined, a large number of sail symbols of boats used for crossing the river are used as identifiers in the exhibition. Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of revolutionary war contents, latest exhibition technologies and materials are used to enhance the exhibition effect. The large-scale immersion scene of millions of mighty PLA troops crossing the Yangtze River, which was made possible through real scenes reconstruction, semi-scene paintings, character modeling, digital images and videos, stage lighting, and sound synthesis technology, has animated the originally static maps and models and, as a result, achieved the best exhibition effect. The scene has become the climax of the whole exhibition in terms of visual display, sound effect, and visitors’ experience. Visitors can experience the spectacular scene of millions of mighty troops crossing the Yangtze River as if they were there themselves.

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