Celebrities of the Six Dynasties

Venue:Exhibition hall at 3F of the Oriental Me

If you ask me what style I love the most, it must be that of celebrities of the Six Dynasties and poems of the late Tang dynasty. The Six Dynasties period was an era of sword and fire, and an era of poetry and wine. It was an era of uncertainty with unexpected meeting and departing, and an era of certainty with cultural classics, moral norms, and official status of a family passing down from generation to generation. From the beginning of the 3rd century to the end of the 6th century, the Kingdom of Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, and Chen all made Nanjing their capital. This period is called “Six Dynasties” in history. The Jiankang-centered culture of the Six Dynasties, inheriting the culture of the Qin and Han dynasties and inspiring that of Sui and Tang dynasties, shows the characteristics of a transitional period--free-spirited thoughts, various academic schools, tolerant cultures and arts, unprecedented prosperous Buddhist culture, and innovative science and technologies. Among them, what has fascinated people in later generations the most is celebrities emerged in Nanjing during this period. The Six Dynasties period is famous for producing celebrities who are either defiant, or unrestrained, or ingenious, or impassioned, or talented. They have both a mysterious heart and a Buddhist nature. They are appreciative and passionate. With their first-class talent and extraordinary personality, they created everlasting legends. “How powerful Jinling was in the past! It attracted heroes from all over the world.” Let’s step into the exhibition hall, follow the footsteps of celebrities of the Six Dynasties, listen to their speeches or songs, appreciate their talent and wisdom, and journey into the depths of their hearts.

Style of the Six Dynastie
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